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'Translation is the other side of a tapestry' Cervantes

We provide simultaneous and consecutive translation services for meetings at any level. Our interpreters have a wide experience, having provided such services for numerous conferences, seminars, workshops, congresses, symposia. So far, our team have interpreted for sessions on the following topics: energy (oil, thermal power, electricity, gas), legal (EU law), environment, human medicine, sanitary-veterinary medicine, defence, army, national security, beverages industry, tobacco industry, constructions, architecture, social (social inspection, child labour), management (yearly meetings of boards), marketing , economy (investment funds), unions, retail (DIY outlets) etc. The languages of these sessions have been: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Chinese.

According to EU norms and in order to guarantee service quality, Educational interpreters for simultaneous interpretation sessions work in pairs.

Educational also rents simultaneous translation equipment (portable receivers, transmitters, interpreter desks, interpreter booths), sound systems (wireless microphones and discussion systems) and video systems (projectors, projection screens, video displays, technical assistance).

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